Being diagnosed with Dermatitis Herpetiformis in the early nineties wasn’t easy. No one knew what “gluten free” was and when I explained, people looked at me like I was crazy.

Back then, my starches were rice and potatoes because gluten free crackers and bread didn’t exist. Throughout the years, more and more products became available but most were horrible and went directly into the trash. I found it really insulting that manufacturers thought begin gluten free meant eating something akin to sand or cardboard.

Seven years ago, I was desperate to find good bread. Even after 20 years of following a strict gluten free diet, I still longed for light and airy, delicious tasting bread.

I was hoping my taste buds would forget, but having a mother who could cook and bake better than any trained professional left me with memories of banana bread that would melt in my mouth and Yorkshire pudding so good I’d want it every week, not just once a year.

In 2011, I opened G-Free NYC with the objective of seeking and selling only the best gluten free products. I was looking for products that weren’t just good; they had to be amazing. Success was measured when customers sampled something, had a surprised look on their face and said “wow, this is really good.”

Stores don’t taste the products they sell which is unfair to the customer. We stand behind every product we sell. These are products I eat. If something doesn’t have that “wow” factor, I won’t eat it and neither will you.

Now, with GFreeway we are able to get our line-up of amazing products to a larger audience and delivered directly to your door. Each year, my staff and I discover products locally and throughout the country (and, oftentimes, the world) so we can offer you the best products available.

Ideally, we’d like all products we carry to be certified gluten free or made in a dedicated gluten free facility. However, when dealing with small manufacturers this is not always the case. If we think a product is worthy, we question the manufacturer on their safety procedures and we taste every product we carry. If our sensitive tummies don’t have a problem then yours won’t either.

Although we want everything to taste amazing, nutritional value is important to us. We know the importance of nutrition in a gluten free diet. We look for products that not only taste great, but contain a wide range of gluten free grains for a healthier, well-rounded diet.

We hope you will enjoy our products as much as we do. Please let us know what you think and if there’s anything we’re missing.